Handrails are needed for three new staircases at Rotary Park near the Lardo Bridge.

The Rotary Park Railings Project volunteer selection committee invited two artists to provide design concepts for the railings. See their ideas below and let the selection committee know which you like best. Use this survey to vote.

The Rotary Park Railings Project panel invited two artists to provide proposals of their design concepts for the railings. They were asked to provide a minimum one page descriptive narrative; and visual representation of proposed project concept such as drawing, model, and/or computer rendering.

Focus Location

Artists: Bond and Anderson

Bond describes “The Waves of Payette Lake” as a stylized concept of waves arriving on the shore allows the visitor to begin their experience of the water as they make their gradual descent to the beach. As the eye follows the pattern of the steel, the waves created by the negative space become visible within the curves, rolling in towards all who approach the lake. Read Bond’s complete proposal here>

Combined Bond
Bond’s “Waves of Payette Lake”

Andersen – “Inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Payette Lake,” The railings depict Lake Trout in their natural habitat. Constructed from several types of stainless steel including, heavy gauge cut and perforated sheet, tubes and bar. This design will be site-fit to accommodate the irregularities of the attachment points and surrounding landscape. Read Andersen’s complete proposal here>

Andersen’s Design “inspired by the natural surroundings of Payette Lake”


One proposal will be selected for commission. Once selected, artists will work with City
staff project team (landscape architect, engineer, planner) to refine and evolve the design.

Proposed works will be evaluated according to:

  • Artistic quality
  • Appropriateness of design for site
  • Adherence to project guidelines and intent (see page two)
  • Professionalism of proposal
  • Budget feasibility

Thanks to funding from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, McCall Improvement Committee and McCall’s Local Option Tax, these railings will be unique works of art!

Please vote for the design you you feel would best fit the area of Rotary Park and fulfill the guidelines above. Use this survey to vote.