DSC_0796The City of McCall has always been a 4th of July destination. In recent years, the community has noticed a switch in the overall feel of the 4th and how our locals fit in. Throughout January, the City of McCall asked for additional information from our citizens aiming to find their vision, outline their concerns and ask for improvement ideas. The response was overwhelming. Whether it’s the beauty of our water, the history in our trees or the spirit of our people, our local community has great pride in what we offer visitors.

In an effort to inspire a celebration worthy of McCall’s history, secure health and safety and in response to feedback received from the community, the McCall City Council has decided to support the McCall Parks and Recreation Department’s initiative to bring local non-profit and business groups together to redefine our celebration and move forward on the proposal to ban alcohol in McCall City Parks on days surrounding the 4th of July.

The resolution for the ban of alcohol in City Parks on the days surrounding the 4th of July will be presented to Council on March 10, 2016.

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