McCall, Idaho―September 13, 2016

The City of McCall has received an application from Alpine Village Company to amend the definition of what constitutes a formula restaurant within McCall City Code. Currently, McCall City Code defines a formula restaurant as being an eating establishment that has a name, appearance and/or food presentation format that is substantially identical to a restaurant in one or more other locations.

McCall City Code limits the number of formula restaurants to ten percent of the total number of restaurants in McCall. So, for every nine single-location restaurants, one formula restaurant is allowed.The proposed amendment would change this definition so that restaurants are not considered formula restaurants if they have five (5) or less substantially identical restaurants in other locations. Restaurants with more than five other locations would still be limited to the ten percent of the total number of restaurants allowed.

Public Hearings will be held for initial consideration of these code amendments during McCall Area Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting on Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 4:30 p.m. in Legion Hall at 216 E. Park Street. The Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation to City Council.

City Council makes final decisions regarding any amendments to McCall City Code. A second public hearing will be held during City Council’s consideration of the code amendments at a later date to be determined.

The public may comment by attending this meeting or by submitting written comment to the City of McCall one week in advance of the meeting.

This amendment to McCall’s Code is proposed in advance of a comprehensive evaluation of the entire McCall City Code that is planned to follow the update to McCall’s Comprehensive Plan currently underway.