The McCall Police department is currently investigating several thefts from construction sites.  Items stolen from the sites include power and hand tools, electrical equipment, other construction-related tools, and painting equipment.

Equipment has been stolen from inside homes under construction and from locked construction trailers on-site.  In one instance, an entire trailer was stolen from the site.  In all cases, standard locking mechanisms and trailer hitch locks were either pried or cut off.

The public is reminded to take the necessary precautions to deter thefts from their construction sites or property such as:

  • Keep a detailed list of equipment including serial numbers
  • Put identifying paint, labels or scribes on equipment
  • Remove valuable equipment from sites daily
  • Add heavy duty locks or enhance existing locking mechanisms to trailers left on-site
  • Make construction trailers immovable
  • Install surveillance equipment on-site

The Police Department requests the public’s assistance in our investigations by contacting the department with reports of suspicious activity around construction sites, lost or found construction equipment, or information pertaining to the recent thefts.

Please direct information or questions Sergeant Pete Rittenger, 634-7144 or