On March 20, 2017, a public hearing will take place at 6:30 pm in the Idaho first Bank Building, proposing the submission of a sewer annexation agreement for the May 16th election. This agreement was developed by the Joint Wastewater Advisory Group (JWAG) and approved by Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District’s Governing Board and McCall’s City Council.

Opportunity for publicMcCall Area JWAG Logo.jpg comment is available on March 20th during the meeting as well as in advance by emailing your comments to McCallAreaWastewater@gmail.com.

What is Annexation?
Annexation is the addition of property, in this case, Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District will be adding or annexing City of McCall’s wastewater sewer service area.

If the outcome of the joint public hearing is to add the submission to the May 16th election, eligible voters in the City of McCall, and eligible property owners and residents within Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District (PLRWSD), will be asked to vote on a two-part proposal regarding our sewer system and its operations.

The first part of the plan is a proposition for an annexation or consolidation between City of McCall and PLRWSD that would combine current City sewer customers with the PLRWSD while the second part of the election is a proposal for a $22.07 million bond.

The total bond would fund:

  • Necessary upgrades to the reuse water disposal system to implement the new Reuse Permit from Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) – $11.6 million
  • Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant – $3.3 million
  • Acquisition of the system assets and the retirement of existing debt – $7.07 million

The May 16th ballot proposal would be presented in questions tailored to voters based on property location and eligibility that voters can either endorse or reject. For more information about annexation or the wastewater disposal system visit www.mccall.id.us/jwag or call 208-209-7445.