Back in May 2012, City Council and County Commissioners listed wayfinding signage as the #1 priority. These projects improve the McCall Pathway system which improve economic development, heath, safety and transportation within the McCall Area.

The pathway wayfinding project was rated the #1 priority in the McCall Area Pathways Master Plan.  Read it here>

The project highlights:

  • The signage directs pedestrians and bicyclists along the safest routes. Since the City lacks adequate pedestrian and bike infrastructure along its major streets, the routes help people navigate to safer lower volume streets. (i.e. Davis to McCall Ave. and Lake Street to Forest Street). Keep in mind safe routes aren’t always the most direct routes.
  • Not meant for vehicle direction, the plan for the signs in addition to the current bike logo, will have a cap of either a public art piece endorsing its goal for directing pedestrian/bike traffic or a new “pathways icon” developed and marketed.
  • Second, the community and its visitors are very interested in having a safe, connected and easy to navigate walking and biking community.
  • This project is a relatively low cost solution to making progress while trying to fund the infrastructure.
  • Wayfinding signs were placed along the pathway route according to a wayfinding plan that was developed in collaboration with a pathway wayfinding professional consultant and City Staff.
  • The signage has been designed to be attractive, clean and easily identifiable for visitors and residents. Wayfinding is an important part of the pathway infrastructure and will be implemented with other City efforts such as the pathway map, apps and sharrows (share the road).
  • Old signs may contradict new signage but will be removed to ensure the network is easy to navigate and ‘sign clutter’ is reduced. Departments are currently working to accomplish this asap.
  • Signs were approved in collaboration with the Public Works Streets Department, Community Development and its GIS Department, and Parks Department. This means that concepts like maintenance, snow removal and safety have all been approved and addressed.
  • Funded by LOT, will be installed in spring/summer 2017. However, additional funding is required to complete the second phase of the project.

Signs were paid for with LOT Funding and the hope is to add directional value and tourism support to our beautiful McCall landmarks including the historical museum on State Street. Learn more about the historical museum here>