Wastewater Annexation mailer went out last week explaining an overview of your new service and billing procedures.

In May 2017, City of McCall and Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District (PLRWSD) wastewater customers voted to approve a two-part proposal to: 1) combine City of McCall customers with the PLRWSD (annexation), and 2) pass a $22.07 million bond to fund three goals:

A) $11.7 million – fund necessary upgrades to the reuse water disposal system required to implement the new Reuse Permit from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. This new permit is necessary for continuing disposal of reuse water.
B) $3.3 million – fund improvements to the wastewater treatment facility.
C) $7.07 million -finance the acquisition of the system assets by restructuring the City of McCall wastewater system debt.

In May 2017,
a proposal passed of a
two-part proposal approving
annexation and a $22.07 million bond.


BILLING PROCEDURES  for Current City of McCall Customers:


  • Receive last monthly bill from City of McCall for wastewater services for August.
  • Continue receiving water services bills monthly from City of McCall.

October – December

  • Receive first PLRWSD bill for September and October services at new rate.
  • Auto-pay customers must sign up with PLRWSD to continue having payments deducted on the first working day of every month.
  • Continue to be billed monthly by PLRWSD through December 2017


  • Starting January 2018, can continue paying monthly, or can sign up to pay annually or semi-annually by contacting the PLRWSD Office.

BILLING PROCEDURES  for All Customers (after annexation on Aug. 31 ):

  • To change billing frequency, or sign up for auto pay contact the PLRWSD Office.
  • Customers can pay:

» Online starting Sept. 1, 2017.*
» By mail with check.
» In person with cash, check or credit card.*
» By phone.*
» Auto pay through direct withdrawal.

* $1.50 will be charged per e-check payment, and 3 percent per credit card transactions.

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Still have questions? Call 208-634-4111


With money from the bonds, projects to upgrade and improve the wastewater systems will be ongoing over the next several years.

New Reuse Pipeline

  • The first project is a new reuse pipeline along Norwood and Maki Roads west of State Highway 55. Construction will take place between fall 2017 and spring 2019.

    More information about this and other projects will be provided in the coming months.