7 steps you can take to avoid creating food-habituated bears

During the past month or so, IDFG has received numerous reports of nuisance black bears in certain areas of McCall.

Please take the following steps immediately to avoid creating any food-habituated bears:

  • Secure all garbage all the time, and particularly at night.
  • Store garbage cans in a garage or shed that has secure, well-sealed doors.
  • If you have trash pick-up service, do not put cans out until the morning of pick up.
  • Never tamper with latches on bear resistant containers, or prop them open while they are outside. If your container’s latch seems faulty, contact Lakeshore to request a new container.
  • Keep BBQ grills clean of food and grease
  • Do not put out bird seed or bird feeders between mid March and mid November
  • Keep pet food indoors, especially at night

    Don’t let greasy BBQ grills, pet food and garbage attract bears.

Many of the residences visited by the bear had unsecured food sources: garbage, pet food, bird seed, or greasy BBQ grills.

If the bear continues to gain access to garbage and other food sources, it will quickly become accustomed to human food.  Bears can lose their natural wariness of humans, and can become aggressive if they view a person as a threat or obstacle to their food. If it becomes evident that this bear is losing its wariness, IDFG will need to trap and euthanize the bear.

It is extremely important that all residents take measures to avoid habituating bears in this area to human food.   

Questions? Call Idaho Department of Fish and Game at 634-8137.