After a comprehensive search, McCall has a new Manager, Anette Spickard. Mrs. Spickard accepted the employment offer from McCall City Council on Monday, December 18, 2017, and aims to start the position in the first half of February, 2018.

Anette HeadshotMcCall has been a part of Anette’s life for more than thirty years. As a child she learned to ski at Brundage, learned to water ski on the Payette Lake and as a teen attended McCall-Donnelly High School. Her family the Petersens, were even McCall business owners back in the eighties. Over the years she’s continued to make our town of McCall a regular vacation spot for her own family.

Bringing her own unique personal history and a strong love of our community with her, she offers impressive government sector experience, extensive financial management and an impressive history of planning and development. Her lifelong career in public service will be a tremendous asset.

Realizing that her success in this position will originate from her inspiration to rejoin our city family, and her own family’s roots, Spickard happily accepted the offer to be McCall’s City Manager at the rate of $113K annually. She recognizes this includes a $17K cut in pay from her current position as Department Director at the City of Springfield in Oregon. Mrs. Spickard sees this as an opportunity to be a part of McCall’s future, its expected growth challenges and will surely stand as a strong leader to the administrative staff.

“We are so lucky to have found someone with her experience that also has such strong ties to and passion for our community,” said McCall City Council President Bob Giles.

Looking forward, we expect a fruitful partnership with Anette Spickard that benefits every citizen young and old. Expect to run into her occasionally and say hello, as she and her family are active in all things recreation especially skiing, rafting, fly fishing, and most of all walking their favorite canine companion Grizz.

Anette Spickard, we welcome you back to McCall…your Idahome.