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January 2018

McCall Winter Trails & Recreation Interactive Web Map

McCall Winter Trails App
Suffering from cabin fever? Get outside this winter! But before you do, check the McCall Winter Trails & Recreation Interactive Web Map. Here you will find information on nordic ski, snowshoe, fat bike, and snowmobile trails throughout Valley County as well as current snow coverage and predicted 72 hour snowfall courtesy of NOAA.

McCall Winter Trails Map

McCall Parks and Recreation: Re-Mastered 2018

With Regret & Apologies,
Despite that skiing is very good on a majority of the trails in Ponderosa State Park, conditions throughout portions of our primary and backup race course are not good enough to run a race.
Due to trail conditions in these areas and the forecast for next week, the McCall Nordic Ski Club has made the decision to cancel the 2018 McCall Re-Mastered Event. As most of you are aware it has been less than a stellar start to the Nordic ski season throughout the West. Our small group of volunteers responsible for putting this event on are dedicated to running a simple and well executed event. In order to do so, we rely heavily on our partnership with Ponderosa State Park. The current conditions at Ponderosa State Park will not support either of our primary or secondary race course alternatives and the club is un-willing to run racers through those portions of the course that may be un-safe or potentially damaging to participant’s equipment.
The club considered moving the event to Bear Basin, however the Remastered event has always been a success because we have a great partnership and event support from Ponderosa State Park. Without the State Parks assistance and support with race setup, grooming, aid stations, course markings, and event tear down this event would be un-sustainable without paid staff or many more volunteers.
With that as background we are not currently setup to easily move the venue to another location. However, we are committed to the event and are already working towards 2019 and a third backup plan which would involve a move in venues should conditions be similar next year.
Please mark your calendar for January 19, 2019 and join us for this great event one year from now. We will use this time to ensure it is an event you won’t want to miss as a nordic skier. Information will be updated shortly on our website and refunds will be issued to those that have already pre-registered for the 2018 event.
With Sincere Apologies,
The McCall Nordic Ski Club

McCall City Source

Annual Re-Mastered Race January 20th and 21st, a great opportunity to tune up for the Boulder Mountain Tour. Find more information about the event here

RM 8.5X11 18

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Important Sidewalk Ordinance Reminder

Important Sidewalk Ordinance
for Business property owners and tenants

Winter Carnival is always a great time to refresh the business community on the responsibilities of snow removal on the sidewalks.

Clearing sidewalks is the law and in hand reduces the chance of an incident. It will also increase ease for pedestrians to get to your business. We are all pedestrians at some point in our day and benefit from a clear sidewalk.

Please make our community safer to get around this winter. Help the City of McCall provide a great pedestrian environment and take your responsibility for removing snow and ice seriously.


Who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks of snow and ice?

According to City of McCall’s municipal code, “The owners, tenants or occupants of lands in the city of McCall which either abut or are located on the site of any of the following described sidewalks shall remove all snow, rubbish or ice from the same within twenty-four (24) hours after the occurrence of said condition:

1. Any sidewalk in an area zoned central business;

2. Any paved sidewalk in any area zoned commercial, or general commercial…”

It’s everyone’s responsibility. If you do not own your commercial property consult your rental agreement, lease or management company to determine your shoveling obligation.

How often should I clear the sidewalks?

The goal is to shovel 7 days a week or after any snow event. A good rule of thumb so ice doesn’t form is to shovel no later than 10 pm on the day of the snowfall or 10 am the next day on overnight snow falls. Move your snow adjacent to your property.

Please DO NOT push snow into:

*The Street   *Bike Lanes   *Crosswalks  *Bus Stops  *Alley entrances
Snow Deposited On Right Of Way Prohibited

What happens if I don’t clear my sidewalks?

After 24 hours the City will have the authority to remove the snow or ice at the cost of the owner, tenant or occupant.”In the event of failure of such owner, tenant or occupant to remove this snow, rubbish or ice from any such sidewalk within twenty four (24) hours of the occurrence of such condition; then, the city may remove or have removed such snow, rubbish and ice and assess the cost thereof against the premises abutting the sidewalks….. “

Thank you

For keeping your sidewalks clear of snow, ice, and debris.
For questions on the code or to make comments please contact us at
City Hall (208) 634-7142 or email

Mountain Lion Sightings – Be on alert

Over the past 3 weeks, IDFG has received several reports of mountain lion sightings in McCall.

A message from Regan Berkley, IDFG Regional Wildlife Manager 1/11/18
Mountain lions occur throughout Idaho, but sightings are rare because the animals make their living by being secretive and cautious. It is likely that mountain lions move through McCall fairly often; however, these movements are typically at night and go unobserved.

Mountain lions may be drawn to McCall partly because of the large town deer herd. Deer are mountain lions’ primary prey species. Although McCall is not naturally winter range for deer, both landscaping plants and intentional deer feeding throughout town keep many deer in town through winter. IDFG strongly discourages feeding deer in town to avoid attracting predators, among other reasons.

Mountain lion attacks are even rarer than sightings, but keeping yourself informed and prepared is the best way to avoid a confrontation.

While there is no response to a mountain lion that can guarantee a person’s safety, Fish and Game offers the following suggestions if you encounter a mountain lion: 

  • Do not run. Stay calm and keep eye contact. Move slowly and try to back away. Running away may trigger the animal’s instinct to chase.
  • Do what you can to appear large by raising and waving your arms or opening your jacket. Yell in a loud, firm voice.
  • Never turn your back on a mountain lion. Always maintain eye contact and face the lion.
  • When you walk or hike in lion country, travel in groups.
  • Keep children close and in sight at all times. Pick small children up if a lion is near.
  • Never approach a mountain lion. Give the lion a way out of a close situation.
  • If a lion behaves aggressively, arm yourself with a large stick, rock, or other object and face the lion.

Pepper spray is very effective in deterring a mountain lion or other carnivores.
If you observe or encounter a mountain lion in town, immediately notify Fish and Game (208) 634-8137 or the local sheriff’s office.


McCall Parks and Recreation: Munchin Munchkins

The 2nd part in our Munchkin Series. Last month toddlers had fun getting messy. This month toddlers with there parents help will practice basic cooking skills, learn the importance of eating a rainbow and get to play with their food. Register at City Hall or

Munchin Munchkins

Recycling discussion continues at Council.

Agenda Item is an
Introduction of Third Amendment to Contract with Lake Shore
Disposal to include Curbside Recycling


During the McCall In Motion public outreach process, the City received significant feedback for a curbside recycling program and the complaints of the existing non-
permitted recycling center on Deinhard Lane. City staff have been meeting with Lake Shore Disposal and Valley County to discuss a City wide curbside recycling program and the moving of the current recycle center to Lakefork. The main components of the amendment include the following:
•Every other week collection of recyclable materials to be added to those with solid waste services within the City of McCall.
•The cost of the service is an additional $9.90 per month ($4.95 per haul).
•The contract is extended from a 10 year contract (originally signed in 2013) to a 14 year contract (to end in 2027).
•The recycling containers will not be ‘bear-proof’ as food debris should be cleaned from all containers.
•A standard provision that Lake Shore reserves the right, from time to time, to delete recycling collection for which no secondary market continues to exist or may be created.
Brian Hoffman from Lake Shore will be present to discuss the current recycling market and proposed contract for a curbside recycling program
. Council may also want to discuss the feasibility of a Franchise Agreement with Lake Shore. The proposed contract has been reviewed by the City Attorney. The draft Amendment Draft along with the original agreement, first, and second amendments are attached.


Staff asks in this agenda bill to provide direction on the content of the contract and direct Staff to complete code amendments
necessary if Council decides to execute a contract with Lake Shore Disposal

View the packet and refer to pages 167-203 for details.

Explore the Beauty of Mathematics through the Lens of Aviation

“Patterns in the Sky” to be held in McCall January 23 & 30

Explore the Beauty of Mathematics through the Lens of Aviation

For planning purposes, please RSVP to
Rich Stowell at or 805-218-0161.

McCall, ID – The Valley County 4-H UI Extension Program will host a two-night Family and Career STEM Awareness event at the Mountain Life Church in McCall on January 23rd and 30th. The event is free and will run from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. each night. Content is suitable for students ages 11 to 15. Parents and teachers are highly encouraged to attend as well.

Event - Patterns in the Sky - cropped.png

Titled PATTERNS IN THE SKY: An Exploration of Mathematics through the Lens of Aviation, the event will explore the beauty and everyday applicability of math using thought experiments and aviation-themed experiential activities as follows:


January 23, 5:30–7:30 p.m., Mountain Life Church

Part 1: A Beautiful Mind(set) will address fixed and growth mindsets, the story of the Wright Brothers, and more. Hands-on activities will include interacting with people from the local aviation community, and engaging in a simulated formation flying exercise en route to discovering some interesting patterns.


January 30, 5:30–7:30 p.m., Mountain Life Church

Part 2: Help a Pilot Glide to Safety will introduce teamwork and experimentation to find the glide ratio and glide angle of a simple balsa glider. Next, participants will help a pilot determine the glide performance of a real airplane.


According to event facilitator Rich Stowell, “Our goal is to motivate students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. But it’s just as important to include parents and teachers in these types of programs as well.” Stowell added, “This will be the first of several aviation-themed outreach events scheduled in Valley County in 2018.”

Event partners include the Valley County 4-H UI Extension, Mountain Life Church, Idaho Aviation Association McCall Chapter, McCall Municipal Airport, and others.

For planning purposes, please RSVP to Rich Stowell at or 805-218-0161.

Keep safe and Chill like a penguin in McCall this Winter.

The City of McCall would like to encourage 2018 winter visitors to take necessary precautions to stay safe and comfortable. Please plan ahead to dress appropriately for wet, cold weather and walking on ice and snow. Today, January 3, 2018, McCall has a high temperature forecasted of 35° F, a low of 17°F and typically ever changing snow shower possibilities ranging from light to heavy. Comfortable, warm, walking shoes with traction are recommended and as always, care should be used when walking on snow and ice.

Thank you to our City of McCall businesses doing a great job clearing their frontage sidewalks for the safety of our visiting friends!  We can’t forget our Parks and Recreation Department and Public Works Crew for keeping streets and public areas clear while everyone else is sleeping.

“Why Walking like a penguin is safer on ice,” Editors


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