Agenda Item is an
Introduction of Third Amendment to Contract with Lake Shore
Disposal to include Curbside Recycling


During the McCall In Motion public outreach process, the City received significant feedback for a curbside recycling program and the complaints of the existing non-
permitted recycling center on Deinhard Lane. City staff have been meeting with Lake Shore Disposal and Valley County to discuss a City wide curbside recycling program and the moving of the current recycle center to Lakefork. The main components of the amendment include the following:
•Every other week collection of recyclable materials to be added to those with solid waste services within the City of McCall.
•The cost of the service is an additional $9.90 per month ($4.95 per haul).
•The contract is extended from a 10 year contract (originally signed in 2013) to a 14 year contract (to end in 2027).
•The recycling containers will not be ‘bear-proof’ as food debris should be cleaned from all containers.
•A standard provision that Lake Shore reserves the right, from time to time, to delete recycling collection for which no secondary market continues to exist or may be created.
Brian Hoffman from Lake Shore will be present to discuss the current recycling market and proposed contract for a curbside recycling program
. Council may also want to discuss the feasibility of a Franchise Agreement with Lake Shore. The proposed contract has been reviewed by the City Attorney. The draft Amendment Draft along with the original agreement, first, and second amendments are attached.


Staff asks in this agenda bill to provide direction on the content of the contract and direct Staff to complete code amendments
necessary if Council decides to execute a contract with Lake Shore Disposal

View the packet and refer to pages 167-203 for details.