Important Sidewalk Ordinance
for Business property owners and tenants

Winter Carnival is always a great time to refresh the business community on the responsibilities of snow removal on the sidewalks.

Clearing sidewalks is the law and in hand reduces the chance of an incident. It will also increase ease for pedestrians to get to your business. We are all pedestrians at some point in our day and benefit from a clear sidewalk.

Please make our community safer to get around this winter. Help the City of McCall provide a great pedestrian environment and take your responsibility for removing snow and ice seriously.


Who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks of snow and ice?

According to City of McCall’s municipal code, “The owners, tenants or occupants of lands in the city of McCall which either abut or are located on the site of any of the following described sidewalks shall remove all snow, rubbish or ice from the same within twenty-four (24) hours after the occurrence of said condition:

1. Any sidewalk in an area zoned central business;

2. Any paved sidewalk in any area zoned commercial, or general commercial…”

It’s everyone’s responsibility. If you do not own your commercial property consult your rental agreement, lease or management company to determine your shoveling obligation.

How often should I clear the sidewalks?

The goal is to shovel 7 days a week or after any snow event. A good rule of thumb so ice doesn’t form is to shovel no later than 10 pm on the day of the snowfall or 10 am the next day on overnight snow falls. Move your snow adjacent to your property.

Please DO NOT push snow into:

*The Street   *Bike Lanes   *Crosswalks  *Bus Stops  *Alley entrances
Snow Deposited On Right Of Way Prohibited

What happens if I don’t clear my sidewalks?

After 24 hours the City will have the authority to remove the snow or ice at the cost of the owner, tenant or occupant.”In the event of failure of such owner, tenant or occupant to remove this snow, rubbish or ice from any such sidewalk within twenty four (24) hours of the occurrence of such condition; then, the city may remove or have removed such snow, rubbish and ice and assess the cost thereof against the premises abutting the sidewalks….. “

Thank you

For keeping your sidewalks clear of snow, ice, and debris.
For questions on the code or to make comments please contact us at
City Hall (208) 634-7142 or email