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This July Fourth, McCall Police Department Wants You to Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

This year, as we celebrate our country’s birthday, thousands of families will take to their cars, driving to neighborhood cookouts, family picnics, and other summer festivities. Sadly, some of those families’ Independence Day will end in tragedy, as too many irresponsible people will decide to drink and drive. Unfortunately, their bad choices will have lasting effects on families.

During the Fourth of July holiday period, which starts at 6 p.m. Friday, June 30, and ends on Wednesday, July 5 at 5:59 a.m., police will be out in full force reminding drivers to Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Law enforcement will travel the region, looking to put a stop to drunk driving. Expect to see increased patrols and other enforcement efforts. These enforcement campaigns are vital to public safety, and save lives. Statistics show us that drunk driving is a deadly epidemic in our nation. In fact, in 2015, 10,265 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes—almost a third of all traffic fatalities nationwide.

This year, law enforcement in McCall is taking part in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign over the Fourth of July holiday to end drunk driving. This means increased enforcement with zero tolerance for those who drive impaired.

 Know You’re Going to Party? Make a Plan.

No matter the occasion, drinking and driving have deadly consequences—and it can cost you your freedom. A DUI arrest costs, on average, $10,000, but the punishment doesn’t end with the financial burden. Arrested drunk drivers face jail time, the losMPD Shoulder Patch.pngs of their driver licenses, higher insurance rates, and dozens of other hefty expenses, from car towing and repairs to attorney fees, fines, court costs, lost time at work, and more.

Remember, with all of today’s options for getting home safely, there’s no excuse for getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Driving impaired is never worth the risk, not to yourself or anyone else. If law enforcement pulls you over for drunk driving this Fourth of July, you can count on being arrested.

City Council Agenda posted for June 29th

Attached has been posted for the 6/29/17 meeting. The full packet is available on the City’s website at


Solar Eclipse Coming Soon to our Area!

The moon will totally block sunlight on Aug. 21 and many areas in Valley County will be prime viewing locations. Here are a few safety things to know as you prepare.

Data courtesy of the Idaho Statesman Read the article here>

No roadside viewing: Use the shoulder only for roadside emergencies, not to gawk at the eclipse, transportation officials say. “We don’t want people stopping in the middle of the road when the eclipse (happens),” said Bill Kotowski, Idaho Department of Transportation spokesman.

The biggest traffic jam: The worst traffic may not be people coming to see the eclipse, but motorists eager to leave all at once afterward, planners say. Some communities are suggesting visitors stay awhile, rather than try to leave immediately.

Gas: Leave home with a full tank of gas. Some of the communities where you can view the eclipse, such as Crouch, have just a couple of gas stations.

Provisions: Bring food, water and other stuff you might need. Stores and restaurants could easily be overrun with people who don’t prepare ahead. Don’t leave trash: Pack out what you pack in. Make sure you have enough cash or credit cards. ATM machines hold only so much cash, say Idaho tourism officials.

Where to view it:

Cascade: Visitors to Cascade can view the eclipse at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Parking will be available at: Cascade Community Center, 409 N. School St.; city parking area across from Cascade Rural Fire and EMS Station, 109 E. Pine; Valley County Fairgrounds, 520 S. Front St.; Cascade Sports Park; and Cascade School District, 209 N. School St.

Donnelly: View the eclipse at the Donnelly Elementary School field, 327 E. Roseberry Road. Park at Donnelly Elementary and Donnelly tennis courts, near the school.

Tamarack Resort: About 400 people already have booked a sold-out ski-lift trip up the mountain, elevation 7,700 feet, to get a little closer to the eclipse. But the resort’s amphitheater will be open for viewing, as will the beach on Cascade Reservoir near the resort. Kayaks will be available for rent.

Slow Down for Street Stripes

McCall City Source

As you move through the downtown, please be sure to slow down as our team works to stripe streets, stop bars, turn arrowsIMG_2574, and crosswalks for safety. This process will begin soon and we thank you for your cooperation.

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Highlighting Wayfinding in Detail

Back in May 2012, City Council and County Commissioners listed wayfinding signage as the #1 priority. These projects improve the McCall Pathway system which improve economic development, heath, safety and transportation within the McCall Area.

The pathway wayfinding project was rated the #1 priority in the McCall Area Pathways Master Plan.  Read it here>

The project highlights:

  • The signage directs pedestrians and bicyclists along the safest routes. Since the City lacks adequate pedestrian and bike infrastructure along its major streets, the routes help people navigate to safer lower volume streets. (i.e. Davis to McCall Ave. and Lake Street to Forest Street). Keep in mind safe routes aren’t always the most direct routes.
  • Not meant for vehicle direction, the plan for the signs in addition to the current bike logo, will have a cap of either a public art piece endorsing its goal for directing pedestrian/bike traffic or a new “pathways icon” developed and marketed.
  • Second, the community and its visitors are very interested in having a safe, connected and easy to navigate walking and biking community.
  • This project is a relatively low cost solution to making progress while trying to fund the infrastructure.
  • Wayfinding signs were placed along the pathway route according to a wayfinding plan that was developed in collaboration with a pathway wayfinding professional consultant and City Staff.
  • The signage has been designed to be attractive, clean and easily identifiable for visitors and residents. Wayfinding is an important part of the pathway infrastructure and will be implemented with other City efforts such as the pathway map, apps and sharrows (share the road).
  • Old signs may contradict new signage but will be removed to ensure the network is easy to navigate and ‘sign clutter’ is reduced. Departments are currently working to accomplish this asap.
  • Signs were approved in collaboration with the Public Works Streets Department, Community Development and its GIS Department, and Parks Department. This means that concepts like maintenance, snow removal and safety have all been approved and addressed.
  • Funded by LOT, will be installed in spring/summer 2017. However, additional funding is required to complete the second phase of the project.

Signs were paid for with LOT Funding and the hope is to add directional value and tourism support to our beautiful McCall landmarks including the historical museum on State Street. Learn more about the historical museum here>


McCall open for all-ages fun during Fourth of July

McCall open for all-ages fun during Fourth of July

McCALL, Idaho (June 15, 2017) — McCall community leaders are seeking to build on last year’s efforts to create a safe and healthy Fourth of July atmosphere. Part of that effort is to eliminate misperceptions about local alcohol restrictions during the Fourth of July. Confusion reigned last year, with some Boise media outlets mistakenly reporting alcohol was banned community wide and North Beach was completely closed, which officials say couldn’t be further from the truth.

“McCall is a great vacation destination to make lifelong memories with your family, but it is also a place where adults can have fun, too,” McCall mayor Jackie Aymon says. “Our goal is always to ensure the safety, health, and enjoyment of McCall’s Fourth of July visitors, and certain city parks are designated as alcohol-free zones. However, this is not a citywide alcohol ban. There are simply restrictions in city beach front parks. We want people to enjoy our beaches and parks in a safe, responsible manner and there is plenty of fun to be had for all ages.”

Like last year, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will not allow alcoholic beverages at Ponderosa State Park or its North Beach unit on Payette Lake from July 1 through July 4; however, both areas will remain open to the public. In addition, the Valley County Sheriff’s Office, the enforcing agency on the water of Payette Lake, recently announced it is loosening holiday boating restrictions at North Beach.

North Beach is a prime location for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding with hiking, biking, and rock climbing access nearby. In addition to non-motorized activities, the Valley County Sheriff’s Office will open a 150-foot section of beach to motorized watercraft this Independence Day weekend. North Beach boater access will start where the North Fork of the Payette River flows into Payette Lake and extend 150 feet east. Valley County will also move the buoy line 100 feet closer to shore in line with standard no-wake zones on Payette Lake.

For a list of alcohol-free zones during the Fourth of July holiday, please visit the City of McCall website at

The McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is publishing a “10 Days of Fourth of July Fun” guide highlighting events slated for June 30-July 9 to help visitors navigate planned festivities. Available online at and at various locations throughout Valley County, the guide includes sections for family friendly activities and things to do as adults and includes a map identifying where alcohol and parking restrictions will be observed.

“Whether or not you have a family in tow, McCall is a great summer getaway, and Fourth of July is the kickoff to the summer season,” McCall Chamber board president Jay Masterson says. “McCall and the greater Valley County area offer seven days of play all summer long, which means there’s plenty of fun to be had throughout the week — not just during the weekends and holidays.”

Although some Valley County merchants suspect the Fourth of July alcohol restrictions introduced in 2016 had an adverse impact on business, community leaders do not concur. “It’s difficult to tell if misconceptions about the alcohol restrictions had an impact on holiday traffic here, because last year the Fourth of July fell on a Monday,” Masterson says. “Moreover, the numbers say otherwise. Last July was McCall’s best on record in terms of the City of McCall’s local option tax collections and Valley County lodging tax receipts.”13537535_1018442761538219_5941090406741037033_n(1)

Erin Greaves,, 208.634.8966

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Slow Down for Street Stripes

As you move through the downtown, please be sure to slow down as our team works to stripe streets, stop bars, turn arrowsIMG_2574, and crosswalks for safety. This process will begin soon and we thank you for your cooperation.


Calling on Nonprofits, artists & crafters for Independence weekend!

Join City of McCall as we host an art, craft and nonprofit resource fair on Lake Street in Legacy Park. The event will take place, Saturday, July 1st at 11am.

There is still space to sell for your homemade items or raise money for your local nonprofit organization. Reach out to City Hall if you are interested! Vendor fee of $25 may apply. 208-634-7142

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