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New Applications

The new year brings new business applications & fees.

Please refer to these applications for 2016.

General Business License

Snow Removal License Application

Public Event Permit Application

Vendor Permit Application

Animal Drawn Vehicle Permit Application

Farmers Market Permit Application

Peddler Permit Application

Snow Removal

McCall Snow Removal-
It’s a Community Effort!

The City of McCall Public Works Team is small but mighty and works hard to provide you with safe passage, plowing more than 50 miles in our community. Here are a few important facts about snow removal and your responsibilities as citizens of McCall.

  • In most cases the crew will begin plowing snow when the depth reaches around three inches and is accumulating.
  • Snow gates may be used to minimize, but not eliminate, snow berms. The gates are most effective when there is eight inches or less of dry snow and cannot be used when snow is wet and/or heavy.
  • The City proactively attempts to mitigate snow berms. Driveways, to include berms across driveway entrances, are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Businesses and residents have a responsibility to dispose of snow on their own property or arrange for removal. Blowing, pushing, ramping, shoving or otherwise depositing snow on any city street or public right of way is against the law.
  • Streets will be sanded when conditions warrant and snow has stopped.
  • Streets should be clear of cars during snow storms to allow plows to do their jobs. Parking on downtown streets is prohibited between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. during the winter, and on other city streets between 3 a.m. and noon.

Learn more about current weather and snow removal operations by calling 630-7669, viewing the Public Works Live Web Cam at or following the City of McCall on Facebook Call Public Works for more information at 634-5580.

Business Guide to the Streets L.O.T.


Print the Letter Dated November 5, 2015

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