Learn more about the Street Local Option Tax

In the general election of November 3, 2015 the citizens of McCall voted to create two additional Local Option Taxes. Collection of these taxes will begin on January 1, 2016.

The new ordinance, put simply, would be in effect for ten years and includes:

• A 1% sales tax within the municipal boundaries of the City of McCall—EXCLUDING groceries and motor vehicle sales, as defined in the ordinance.

• A 3% hotel-motel room occupancy sales tax on receipts from all short-term rentals. (In addition to the 3% L.O.T. currently in place, on hotel and motel rooms and vacation rentals.)

Visitors and locals, alike, will pay the 1% local option sales tax on all goods—EXCLUDING groceries and motor vehicle sales. The 3% local option sales tax on all short-term rentals will be paid by visitors who stay in McCall’s hotels and vacation rentals. This ordinance would be in effect for ten years.